Thursday, September 28, 2006

New books to read...

It's a partially dreary day, but it is a good day to get out of the house nonetheless. We met Melissa downtown for lunch today.

After lunch our son and I went to the library. I wanted to borrow David Shenk's newest book, The Immortal Game. However, since it is so new, there are no copies available at the main library. In the process of doing a search for his other books, I found out that he co-authored the book, "Skeleton Key: A Dictionary for Deadheads". I didn't realize until today that he was responsible for that, despite that I had briefly perused it a few years ago.

Besides that book, I also picked up his "The End of Patience" and "The Forgetting--Alzheimer's: Portrait of an Epidemic." I am excited to read through all three of these works, as he certainly has diverse interest areas!


One of the first entries I came to was "Reformed Deadhead." It describes a person who is done with touring and wants a more rooted existence.

I have an earlier post about when I became a Deadhead, but I just realized that September 5 of this month marks the 15th anniversary of when I became a Reformed Deadhead. I had tickets for three nights at the Cleveland Coliseum, where the Cleveland Cavaliers used to play basketball. My now friend, then wife, Carillon, and I just finished the second show. For some reason we had the third night tickets in our pocket. As the show ended, we looked at each other and asked, "You done?" "I'm done." We sold our third night tickets and that was the end of our Grateful Dead show experiences.

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Anonymous said...

Hi. Thanks for the visit and the link. I only made it to 19 shows. I loved the music, but really had issues with many of the other heads around me. I think it was the employeed vs unemployeed hippie conflict or something.
Nice site. I am adding a link =D

Joe Erjavec said...

Hi kanrei,

You are welcome for the visit and the link. I found your site because irenie (weirfreak) linked to one of your stories on the Grateful Dead.

"I only made it to 19 shows."

By any other bands' standards, that's PLENTY of shows. I've said the same thing, "I've only made it to 30 shows." (I know there's people that have seen hundreds...)

Well, being a Deadhead can be a lifestyle of being on the road for some. The years from '87 to '89 were like that for me. I had a job that was pretty flexible about my going to shows for a week at a time.

By the time '91 rolled around, I was concentrating on finishing up my undergraduate degree and having a domestic life (no kids, but lots of pets).

Thanks for your visit, again!