Friday, September 22, 2006

She's going to Vegas, baby!

Melissa should have an excellent weekend, as she is now en route to Las Vegas for a family function. I have not yet made it to Vegas, but I will have to go with her some time when we can get a family member to watch our little one for a couple of days. Even though I'm not able to go with her, I'm glad she is, so she can have a good time. She's been there before and always enjoys it!

She called from the very small Sioux Falls airport. I told her I'm going to probably chill out and watch a documentary on Burning Man.

We're definitely an odd couple in many ways, but we have learned much from each others' quite different perspectives.



irenie said...

Ya gotta go to Vegas at least once, same with Amsterdam...there just isnt anywhere else like it!

Joe Erjavec said...

Hey irenie,

That's what I've been told--we need to make it to both places!