Friday, September 08, 2006

Cellulosic ethanol

My friend Jeff and I were talking about the promise of cellulosic ethanol a couple of months ago as we were discussing alternative energies. In regards to that, I found this article on Sky Blue Waters that is definitely worth checking out.

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C. Scott Miller, EDP said...

If you think that sounds hopeful, visit the BRI Energy website at They already have a gasification process that bypasses the expensive and time-consuming pre-processing using enzymes mentioned in the article you cited.

My BioConversion Blog starts with this alternative process and shows how Los Angeles already has a 20-year plan (RENEW L.A.) to implement emissions-free bioconversion technologies to gasify its trash into cellulosic ethanol.

Joe Erjavec said...


Thanks for sharing the information on BRI and your blog! (I'm going to add your blog to my list here, as you have been involved with this for quite a while!)