Saturday, September 16, 2006

STS9 at First Avenue

For me last night, as it was for a few other people that I greeted, the Sound Tribe Sector 9 show at First Avenue was my "cherry show." I wanted to check them out, as I've been into Particle over the last year-and-one-half. Althought they are part of the same genre, STS9 has more of an electronica and soundscape-feel and is not techno like Particle is.

It felt strange being at this show, though. I estimated that I was about fifteen years older than the average person there last night. I was talking with a young lady at the rail before STS9 came on, and I asked if she had seen them before, telling her it was my first time. She asked me what other music I liked and I said I've been really into Particle, but was also into The Dead. She asked me what that was like, since that was before her time.

What was cool about the conversation and fans in general is that this is the evolution of the music that was part of the Haight-Ashbury scene of the 1960s. Just as the Grateful Dead's music itself evolved from jugband to psychedelia to country and blues and so forth over its thirty years, the bands playing now have come out of that tradition. It was a great realization that at one time I was the youngster in my late teens and early twenties getting into the Grateful Dead and being one of the younger people then. Now I'm older and see a bunch of new music fans who are really into bands like Particle and STS9.

The evening began with the opening band, Sub-ID. They were a two piece unit--one bassist and one computer sampler and looper. I enjoyed them and got to experience the energy of the crowd. Then, when STS9 came out, people just went nuts with dancing, moving, smiling, and grooving to the music.

The energy of the show was real intense. I backed away from the stage after two songs, as some exuberant people danced their way up front. I enjoyed this, because I definitely enjoy a bit more room to move. In that more open space I was able to feel the music in a more gentle way than by standing right up front. Regardless of where one stood, sat, or danced, the feeling was very comfortable and happy. I felt very relaxed even today.

I thought it was very interesting that they had an artist working on stage. I also liked that I was able to pick up a poster at the show. These were provided by the fine people at Conscious Alliance. In exchange for bringing ten non-perishable food items, you get a poster. Melissa and I did this in June 2004 at the Phoenix Dead show, too. I love the synergy between music and caring that is part of this wonderful array of musicians and fans!

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Janet said...

omg, what a great way to raise money and a cool charity.