Wednesday, June 03, 2009

I gained two points in Saturday's Indy Tornado chess event

Saturday was a good day. My buddy Luke got my butt down to the Chess Castle, as this would be his last tournament in Minnesota in awhile (he's crossing the country now). I hadn't played a rated tournament since February, but I woke up in a super relaxed and happy mood, so this helped me play more inspired chess than usual.

I think everyone of the five games I played featured my exchange sacking a piece. I'm analyzing game four against uberkid Andrew Tang, who is about 1750. Attached is the game before my error.

I got to play a quick game against Luke, too. This was our first one against each other in a tournament.

I ended up with a score of 1.5 out of five, but my three losses were against three people who ended the tournament with ratings of 2009, 1778, and 1759. I played some respectable chess, which is not my end goal, but is certainly sufficient for my satisfaction.