Friday, September 29, 2006

Sh-t or get off the pot!

The World Chess Championship is turning into a frickin' debacle! Topalov and Kramnik are fighting over Kramnik's use of the bathroom. There have been accusations of cheating, no handshakes this morning at the board, and a delay that led to Kramnik forfeiting the game.

This is despicable behavior and an utter disappointment to me as a chess fan. I'm frankly pissed off about this. What a load of crap. This really stinks! How offal!

Please keep up on the news and fan reactions at Chessbase, Susan Polgar's blog, and Chessgames.

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TerraPraeta said...

That's ridiculous. Doesn't matter what the venue, sport, activity, whatever. Just stupid. (and chess masters should be smart enough to know better, right?)

I don't follow chess -- and really haven't played much since I was a kid. But I am happy to say that we got our son playing at an early age and he is still digging it. Who knows, maybe he'll keep it up, whereas I got 'too cool' as a teenager.


Joe Erjavec said...

It is totally ridiculous. These two should be acting with total professionalism, and they are not. I know the stakes are high for them, but they should be able to work out their problem unless one of them is actually cheating.

That's excellent that your son is playing. I'm teaching mine the names of the pieces, but he is a little young to understand how they move.

Chess has changed and is much cooler now than years past. I don't think the "geek factor" is as large.

TerraPraeta said...

Oh, I dunno. I think the geek factor is just as prevelant as ever -- but these days geeks are much cooler:-)

My son totally impressed his kindergarten teacher by doing a five minute oral presentation on 'How to Play Chess'. It was very cool, and I was shocked at how much fun he had with it. Public speaking has always mortified me... but he had a ball.


Joe Erjavec said...

"but these days geeks are much cooler:-) "

I have to agree! (I consider myself a grown-up geek and proud of it.)

That is an amazing amount of confidence and knowledge for a five year old! You guys must be raising him right! :)