Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Watching The Henry Rollins Show

Melissa and I watched the first episode of Henry Rollins' new season a couple of nights ago. One of his two guests was Marilyn Manson. In light of the horrible events that happened in Virginia this week, I was reminded that he was interviewed in Michael Moore's movie, "Bowling for Columbine," which dealt with the subject of violence and gun violence in the United States.

I am saddened by what happened at Virginia Tech this week, and I wish the family and friends of the victims peace while they sort through their thoughts and emotions.

"The business case for going green" from MSNBC

Businesses are finding that "going green" is helping their bottom line, according to this story. As some business leaders admit in the story, they are not doing it altruistically. Regardless, I am glad that they are finding that changing their business practices help, as companies have great influence on the environment.

Why are honeybees disappearing?

I just found out that this phenomena has been occurring over the last couple of months. I heard a story on Minnesota Public Radio last month, and I just read an item on Yahoo today considering the possible role of cell phones in their disappearance. It is puzzling scientists. As bees are an extremely important part of the ecosystem, I thought this was important to share.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Saturday's chess tournament at St. Olaf

Saturday was a wonderful day. My friend Rich organized a chess event at St. Olaf College. This was the first time I've played in the event and have been at the college. I knew I was close to my destination when I saw the windmill running in the gentle spring breeze.

After I parked and had a chance to walk to the student center, I felt great. The campus reminded me a bit of where I started college. The students I talked with during the day were very engaged and interesting in learning.

I played in the Reserve section (U1600) and I had no expectations. I played a terrific tournament, in which I won my first three games out of the four. I hadn't started like that before, and I was both shocked and thrilled. I felt that I was playing with a combination of solid focus, understanding, and familiarity with the positions I was playing. I didn't play games of fireworks; rather, I just played solid moves and looked for advantageous ones when my opponents played moves that did not seem as strong.

My last round was the toughest, though, as I played the only other person who also had three wins. Lynn played very well and better than I for the entire game, although I did manage to make it to the endgame which was just a simplification of the rest of the game in which he was clearly winning.

I tied for second, won a few bucks, and drove home tired but glad I came down for the day.

John put the results on his website.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Particle setlist from The Cabooze

From The Breeze Board:

04.12.07 Cabooze - Minneapolis, MN

I: Die Rote Kapelle, Sunlight, Simulator, Madam In Eden, other Desert Cities, Get Your Ass To Mars*

II: Memories Can't Wait > The Elevator, Control/Escape > Lie To Me > Your Moment > 7 Minutes till Radio Darkness

E: Launchpad

*w/ Escape tease