Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Another nice bike ride this morning

My son and I biked up to the post office this morning. I had to run an errand related to my role as secretary of the Minnesota State Chess Association. I am coordinating the efforts of the individuals involved with the production of our journal, the Minnesota Chess Journal, so I was mailing some scoresheets from the latest tournament to one of our members who annotates games.

It was a very nice morning. It was sunny and in the high 60's. This will be the last sunny day for at least the next couple of days. So we enjoyed a ride around the neighborhood, and he fell asleep during the trip.

It was good to ride around, as I had a few reminders from political signs on some lawns about some items on the November 7th ballot. We have an opportunity to vote on Instant Runoff Voting for the city of Minneapolis. Here is specific info for that ballot item.

Also, we have a statewide ballot on an amendment to our state's constitution on the use of current vehicle taxes for a combination of road and transit spending. I consider this an important vote, as the taxes as investments in our state's infrastructure will help keep Minnesota competitive and more liveable in the future. As our ridership in transit increases, we should have less gridlock in our commutes and a cleaner atmosphere.

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