Thursday, September 07, 2006

Today's wild ride!

It has been a year since we tried taking the E-man out for a bike ride. We have one of those Burleys for the back of the bike, but when we tried last year, all I remember hearing was "WAAAAAAAAAAH!"

Today I decided to try again. I got all the tires pumped up to their correct pressure, tightened the Burley on to my bike, put on my helmet, grabbed his, and went to put it on his head.

"WAAAAAAAAAAH!" again was his response. I told him that Dad needs to get some exercise pretty badly, so he has to go along with this.

"WAAAAAAAAAAH!" this time, with mucus and tears running down his face as I placed him in the Burley.

I start riding, and " ". Nothing. Quiet. He popped the almighty binky into his mouth and enjoyed the ride. We biked through the neighborhood, onto a bike trail, and to a local coffee shop for some food. We ate and had a nice lunch, where he learned the phrase "bike helmet."

When it was time to ride home, he was eager to put on the helmet. We ended up on the bike trail behind a family with a Burley. I couldn't see in, so I asked about their little person. It ended up they were riding with their little dog. *smile*

We got home and he is now enjoying a good nap. I feel good getting some exercise and getting him adjusted to bike riding.



Melissa said...

Very nice Blog! Glad the Boy did well....

Joe Erjavec said...

Thanks! I am glad he did well, too. Now we have no excuse not to go riding!

Debbie said...

Good for you trying again! I'm glad you both had a nice time.