Friday, October 20, 2006

Traveling on the light rail today...

Our son and I met Melissa for lunch downtown today. I realized how much I enjoy traveling there via the light rail. I enjoy eye contact and smiles with a wide variety of people versus the interaction that you get between drivers of different cars--either none at all, or else the finger and/or horn. (I'll cop to giving and receiving both. I definitely don't enjoy either!) Also, you get to hear little bits of people's stories. It makes me feel much more connected to humanity than traveling in the car.

We went to the library, briefly, as he was close to meltdown. On the steps of the library when we were leaving was Miss Richfield 1981 doing an interview with random people. She is great!



irenie said...

Public transportation is groovy!
I use the train or BART to get up to SF on show nights...or to take my kids and their friends to play in the city. We love walking around different areas-even the hilly parts. My husband works in the Mission and drives us all back home at the end of a day of adventuring.

Have a great show tonight!

Joe Erjavec said...

That's cool! It is a fun way to travel. It gets super crowded when the Twins are playing, and that is neat to see so many people riding it.