Monday, October 02, 2006

A nice weekend, with apple picking!

This was a very nice weekend; yesterday was sunny and the high was in the low 80's. Melissa has never been apple picking before, so we went to the Afton Apple orchard.

We picked a bag each of Spartan and Cortland. It was fun walking around. Our son kept one apple in his hands for nearly an hour before finally eating it. Our feet were very sore last night, and that felt good to get in plenty of exercise.

It was nice to also disconnect electronically from the world for most of the weekend. I had enjoyed keeping up on the World Chess Championship, but with the problems Kramnik and Topalov were having with each other after game four, it was wonderful to unplug from it and find out that they started playing again today.

With the forfeit win going to Topalov in game five and with a draw today, Kramnik still holds the lead in the tournament, 3.5-2.5 with six games remaining.

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