Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Robert Anton Wilson

In the last few days, I have found out that Robert Anton Wilson is dealing with end-of-life health care issues that are quite painful. I hope that this part of his life goes as well as possible and that he passes on gracefully.

I have been rereading my dog-eared copy of The Illuminatus! Trilogy in the last couple of weeks. I picked this book up during the summer of 1989, and I think this is my third or fourth read through it now. It is a delightfully crazy read that deals with many historical conspiracies in a unique way.

He is one of those modern writers that not enough people are aware of, and in my opinion, that is unfortunate. He was written some other great works, including the Cosmic Trigger series, Schrodinger's Cat Trilogy, and others. He challenges mainstream thinking between his fiction and prose. He was one of my favorite writers in my early 20's and continues to be one of my favorite writers today. I never met him, but I thank him for his contributions!

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TerraPraeta said...

Oh! I'm jealous. I loved The Illuminatus! Trilogy but it is one of those books that I have bought two or three times and each time it was borrowed and not returned (Kind of like Pink Floyd's The Wall, but that I always buy another copy of). Now, I guess this means its time to get a new copy:-)


Joe Erjavec said...

Well, that's not a bad thing to get a new copy, although in essence you personally will have paid four times the price of the book. But it's good that you helped distribute it! :) It's such a terrific book!

I loaned my copy of Dub Side of the Moon (the dub/reggae version of Dark Side of the Moon) to a friend. I haven't seen him for awhile, so I might not get it back.