Monday, October 30, 2006

Community and commerce

I've been reflecting the last couple days on the relationship between community and commerce. I have been going to businesses in my neighborhood to leave posters and handbills for Particle, who is playing at The Cabooze this Thursday. (I am listening to their April 14, 2005 show from the Quest Club as I write this.)

I feel comfortable approaching those people and businesses that I have because I have established a relationship with them by supporting their businesses as well as have gotten to know the owners from visits.

Two of my favorite places are Lisa and Dave's Fireroast Mountain Cafe and Scott's Twisted Groove studio. I have gone to Fireroast many times for my weekly supply of beans or to drop in for a cup when I need a little pick-me-up. I visited Scott's studio for the first time a couple of days ago while he was in the middle of working on some tie dyes. He's a very nice fellow with some great clothing on display. I will definitely be going there again.

I find it fulfilling to get to know the people where I shop, because it makes the experience more than just a simple transfer of money for goods. When you get to know people who are doing what they love doing, it is both refreshing and recharging.

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