Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Chess Castle

I was reading the Chess Castle website today, and the following has been posted:

Yet another dark cloud over our venerable Castle.
Today we were informed by our landlord that the chess club must vacate our space by the end of November. We have been on thirty day notice ever since the Lander Group took over the building from the defunct Polish While Eagle Insurance Company some years back. I found their conditions unsettling back then, in that the new owners would not offer us our old year long lease, but only commit to month-to-month. I believe they wanted flexibility with tenants, as they hoped to either sell the building or rent the whole thing to one customer. Well, we have gone on a long time in this uncertain state, but the end for Second Ave NE has finally arrived.
They would actually like to take over our club space right away, and have offered us the use of the large first floor for the next month in exchange. If this area is usable, I may take them up on the offer, as the rent would be free for November, money we need to weather a re-location. And there might be the chance to use that area for some weeks into December. Their might be a problem with lighting. And one would still have to go up the stairs to reach the only bathroom in the building. There could well be no on site phone service during our remaining days.
Keep an eye on this space for further developments. Note in particular possible changes in the schedule for November. We may try to fit in the club championship early to be sure it gets held.
Also note: there will be a meeting Saturday night, after the last round of the Tornado. This should be around seven o’clock. I would insist that only those who are either club regulars (or their managers!) or those who are willing to contribute more than just opinion and ideas. The last group are encouraged to stick with the Minnesota Chess Yahoo group. It could well be those who show up will be drafted to move our stuff down to the first floor, but it should be very short work with even only several people. Of course, anyone with experience in organizing or running chess events, or with rental property markets in general, would definitely be welcomed.


I have loved playing at the Chess Castle since 2002, and I am, of course, concerned about these changes. I hope we pull together with our ideas and energy to make a good transition.

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