Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Oh, the joys of composting

We bought a compost container for our yard and food waste about a year ago. I did my best to add the correct mixture of green and brown waste, to keep it well circulated, and to keep it appropriately moist.

Today I pitchforked out the bottom one-third of the container to make room for next year and to use that amount to the current garden areas in the yard. The compost was very soggy and stinky. I mixed it up with some sticks right now to let it dry out a bit before I add it to the garden. Live and learn.

Here's an online guide if anyone is interested in doing it the right way.

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irenie said...

No berthaday post?
Well then, HAPPY BIRTHDAY a day early!

Joe Erjavec said...

Thanks, irenie. I had a good birthday yesterday. I'll post a bit about it later!

TerraPraeta said...

Oh, hey, happy belated old day!


TerraPraeta said...

Hey Joe --

I was surfing and ran across this and thought of you :-)


Joe Erjavec said...

That is cool! 13,000 people! Thanks for sending that link, tp.