Thursday, October 05, 2006

I've reached a small milestone with blogging

I started blogging three months ago, on July 5th. This technology is fairly new to me, but as I enjoy writing, I have taken to it. I am learning more about my writing style as it evolves in this space, and I am learning about the community of people who read and create blogs. I have enjoyed my established friends' blogs, while enjoying the work of new blog friends.

I have enjoyed two aspects of this. I enjoy the diary-like reflection of blogging, in which I may post something that does not necessarily get read or commented on. It helps capture a certain mood or thought of a particular day. However, if it were only for that, I would be journaling offline and not publishing.

What makes this technology interesting is creating conversations over many miles with people I don't see very often or will never meet. As I enjoy conversation in general, I enjoy those people's blogs who engender a space for discussion. Recently I have been reading and commenting on Terra Praeta's blog, and I enjoy the conversations there.

I think that this technology can be wonderful if we use it wisely to bring important issues to light, wherever we are in this world. We are a complicated planet of people living in a complex time. We are interdependent on each other, whether we are fierce individualists or live in strong communities. We need to bring our voices and our best thoughts together to create societies that will prosper and promote the best of humanity. Despite our many shortcomings, we are a marvelous species that has learned much, but still has plenty to learn. I think this is a place we can use to help us learn more about each other and help create a good future.

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TerraPraeta said...

Aww, shucks... Thanks Joe :-)

I am all about the dialog... I can post crap til I'm old and grey and it won't matter what I write, because the important part is the people I meet along the way and the ideas, beliefs, stories that we trade along the way.