Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The New Year

Over the last couple of days, I decided that I want 2007 to be a terrific year! On Saturday night I thought over how this year can be better than last year, which itself was quite a good year.

I am looking forward to finding the right job that takes into account my strengths and work experience. I have been applying for various IT jobs recently, and I think I will find the proper job soon. One of the changes that I want to make to help that out is to freshen up my look. I have had dreadlocks for many years, and I want to keep them for a bit longer. However, I am thinking about getting them cut to a comfortable length for myself as an individual and as an employee.

I also want to finish up my graduate degree. I have a couple of important items to take care of to help that process along.

Also, I want to improve my chess playing over this year. I am just shy of 1400 right now, and by the end of the year, I would like to improve to at least 1600. After the Minnesota Class Championship I felt like I had made marked improvement in both my understanding of chess and in OTB play. I want to build on that.

I did not plan to make any specific resolutions at the end of 2006, but those ideas made their way forward. I am grateful for the clarity of mind to focus on the right things for the next year. I have talked to some of my friends who are likewise focusing on the right things in their lives. Hopefully we will be successful at this!


Janet said...

Happy New year ! I too, want to finish my degree this year.
I love the dreds, but if you cut them, maybe you can donate the hair to one of the organizations that makes wigs for sick people.
Hope to see you and the family sometime soon in '07 -
your friend, Janet
ps. We just celebrated our 26th anniversary !

TerraPraeta said...

Hey Joe --

Those sound like commitments to yourself more than resolutions (and that's a good thing!)

Good luck with it all!


Joe Erjavec said...


Congratulations on your anniversary!

I'll look into where the cutoff dreads should go.

Joe Erjavec said...

Thanks, tp!