Wednesday, January 10, 2007

24 cast on Larry King last night!

We watched Larry King interview the cast and other staff of 24 last evening. As many may know, 24 begins its sixth season this Sunday and Monday with four hours of programming. (I'm thankful they made this change, as it allows for the series to run without breaks until May! They did this last season, too, and we appreciated that.)

What they emphasized was that this thriller works because it is based on characters that you become attached to, whether you love them, hate them, or can't always understand their motivation.

Aside: Contrary to what crazy commentator Laura Ingraham has said, just because some of the characters use torture on this show, it is not a referendum on our official use of torture. (On the wall of the Chess Castle we had an article by chess player and conservative commentator Charles Krauthammer on the morality of torture. It certainly is much more an intelligent and discriminating take on this issue than hotheads like Ingraham.)

Okay, with that political comment finished, the show works because it is complex, it is emotional, and it helps to deal with issues that we all think about. I didn't realize this, but they said that the show has great popularity outside of the United States.

I read a piece by Stephen King on the official website yesterday, and it further discusses why this show works.

Only four more days!


R.Engberg said...

I can definitely confirm that it's quite popular in New Zealand. It was on for two hours a night for a while to help people catch up to the new season.

By the way, the trimmed dreads loook good. That's gotta feel a lot lighter!

Joe Erjavec said...

That's cool. Do you and Kel watch it?

Thanks, Rob, I appreciate that. I'm getting used to them. The light feeling is good!