Saturday, January 13, 2007

Bacon... eggs.

In memory of my brother, Michael, who passed away three years ago this week.

I went camping with my brother and his friends in the summer of 2001. He introduced me to his friends as "this guy I picked up hitchhiking." At least one of them believed it! LOL!

For breakfast they cooked bacon and added scrambled eggs in the bacon fat. I made it today. The eggs cook almost instantly in the fat, and they taste very good.


TerraPraeta said...

Hi Joe,

I'm sorry about your brother... this seems a lovely tribute to him... it's the story thing again:-)

I cook my eggs in the bacon fat every day... course I also add a ton of vegies besides, so it's a little different ;-)


Joe Erjavec said...

Hey tp,

Thank you. This week seems to be much easier than the past memorial weeks of the two previous years. I'm still sad, but I'm not aching so much.

Michael and vegetables were in two different universes!