Saturday, December 30, 2006

Christmas Vacation

The last week was a very pleasant one. It started with a solstice celebration last Thursday night, and it continued with a trip to the mall for a Santa photo, a five-day trip to Ohio, and a few days of quiet time at home, including today.

So much went on, I thought it would be best to summarize the time with some potential posting headings: How I Lived Through Solstice Evening (from a two-year old's perspective), I Think Our Son Hates Santa Claus, Lazy Time in Ohio, Family Time, The War Against Christmas (Shopping), Solving Chess Puzzles with my Dad, I Really Appreciate Dates: Melissa and I See "The Good Shepherd," A Review of "The Chess Artist," and I Love Being Home Again (both here and Ohio).

We took down our Christmas tree yesterday. Today I started looking through my books and have a small pile I want to share with my friends, sell, or give away. I'm not sure. I thought quite a bit about the clutter issue I mentioned in my earlier post, and I am serious about making some small changes to see where they go.

There is much on my mind and heart, but I don't feel the capacity to write too much at the moment. I wanted to let my friends here to know I'm back. If you are interested in any of the potential topics above, comment and I'll expand on them.

I wish everyone a good new year!



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