Friday, January 12, 2007


Due to the unusual occurrence of our son having a bad night of sleep, and hence, Melissa and I having terrible sleep, too, I was not able to accomplish much of anything of a mental nature yesterday. As you can see from my output, I posted these two celebrity lookalikes yesterday. (1) (2)

Not that it was an entirely disappointing day or anything. Our contractor came back to finish the cleanup from the tree trimming. (I swear, contractors are not very considerate in terms of keeping clients apprised of the time they will show up. I felt like I was on hold before I finally left to get lunch. He finished while I was at lunch and came by to pick up his pay.) I am happy to say that he did a good job!

Lunch was excellent. I went to the Longfellow Grill Restaurant and had a mind-blowingly great Reuben sandwich. It was on their specials menu for the day, but I hope they add it to their regular menu. It was appealing
both in taste and sight. They used red cabbage instead of sauerkraut, the meat was tender and packed high, and the bread was delicious. My helpful waitperson suggested the battered green beans instead of the fries. (I think that was good advice, as the green beans were lighter and complimented the heavy sandwich.) I was all smiles while eating.

Last night was the second round of the Thursday Knighter for January. I played Roger, a very nice guy who was just starting to get back into rated chess. Thanks to my friend caffeine...

...I was able to play a halfway decent game of chess and win. It was not as sloppy as last week's game, but the computer analysis said that our game was rife with errors and misplays on both sides. (I'll post it shortly.)

Fortunately we all slept well last night, and I am hoping to make progress on some job applications during our son's nap.


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