Tuesday, August 15, 2006


This last weekend was just wonderful! We flew to Ohio on Friday for my 20th high school reunion. We had events on both Friday and Saturday night, and those were enjoyable. However, Sunday was the big day!

My parents' 40th anniversary is a couple of weeks away. Given that, we figured on having a surprise party a few weeks early to catch them completely off guard! My cousin, Anna, was over in the early afternoon. I said, "Well, if we don't see you tomorrow, then we'll see you on our next trip." (We were holding back our laughs.)

She headed off to the restaurant to set up. We left about an hour later to "go out for lunch at the Tong Tong." My family has been going to Tong Tong for nearly the entire time it has been open--26 years. So throwing a party here did not raise any suspicions.

We arrived at the restaurant at 1:30. My mom and dad saw a couple of their friends go in a few dozen yards before us. They also happened to notice both one of my uncle's car and Anna's car. They thought it was a little odd, while I was thinking they were catching on (they weren't they told me later).

So we walk in the door and 41 of their family members and friends were there taking up the center part of the restaurant! They couldn't believe their eyes. Relatives came from out of state to surprise them! (About this I'm very happy! I'm given them some unpleasant surprises over the years, so it was fun to give them a joyous one!)

We had a feast! I always enjoy our meal there, but this one certainly was the best! (Thanks to the owner, Wendy, for accomodating our large group!)

We finished the meal with a cake that my aunt ordered!

My mom told me today that she is still processing this experience. This left them a bit in shock! :)


irenie said...

What a fabulous surprise for your folks!
Well done, JavaJoe!
I stayed an entire 20 minutes at my 20th HS reunion.
Can't believe the 30th is coming up!!!
I'm telling ya, time sure does fly!

Joe Erjavec said...

Thanks, irenie! It was a blast.

The group that showed up was surprisingly small (about 10 out of a class of 160). I hadn't been to one since my fifth. I'm glad I went anyways, because I reconnected with a few of the people.

dusty said...

That is so heart-warming. It is wonderful to hear about family celebrations when in this day and age..families are usually spread so far apart and rarely see each other. I miss the big family picnics we had when my grandparents were alive.

Joe Erjavec said...

Thanks, dusty. I had great picnics when I was younger and living in Ohio. All of my cousins, uncles, and grandparents were there, and we'd have a wonderful time. (When many of us were particularly hyperactive one afternoon, I remember one of my aunts inviting us kids to play the "mum game." Whoever kept quiet the longest won. I was out after about 30 seconds. heh heh)

Now we have to make plans like this to see our family. We are so scattered now, from the Midwest, to the Left coast, to the South. Anyways, it is different, but always worth it!