Monday, August 07, 2006

New stupid commercial!

Thanks to Missy, my sense of inner peace went from

Dalai Lama--me----------------------------Lewis Black

to way past Lewis! She rewound the DVR to show me the last commercial, which featured toy Hummers in the Happy Meal at McDonald's. WTF?!!!!! (Mis knows how to push my buttons!!) I just couldn't stand to see the combination of the premier symbols of fast food and gas-guzzling vehicles together. In this age of global warming and high oil prices, I cannot think of less responsible advertising.

(My rant was pretty funny yesterday, but not so today. I'm posting it anyways to open it for commentary.)

However, please don't accuse me of moral superiority. I enjoy burgers, I should try biking more often, and one of the foods I enjoy, soy, is part of the deforestation equation.

Here is an article on SUV drivers. I am reposting this article from my friend Janet Cohen's blog that talks about culture code and products.

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