Monday, July 17, 2006

Somehow we survived this weekend...

It was so bloody hot and humid, we didn't want to go out. On top of that, Melissa got a bit sick on Saturday night, so we recovered by laying in front of the TV all day Sunday. We survived nine hours of "I Love the 70's, Volume II" on VH1. Boy, it feels like my IQ has dropped about 20 points from doing that!

Project Runway started its third season recently! I know very little about fashion (I'm a simple jeans and T-shirt kind of guy), but I find it very interesting seeing these creative people compete against each other to design clothing. That show was highly addictive last year, especially with the inclusion of the notorious Santino Rice!


irenie said...

I love Project Runway!
I even managed to get Scott to watch it with me.
I was sorry to see Malan get auffed a few weeks ago.
I'm rooting for Uli this season!

Joe Erjavec said...

I was surprised to see Malan get auffed--I think he is talented. It's a tough competition, though, so I think anyone can have a bad week and leave.

Uli seems good. I think Kayne also has a good shot and perhaps Alison.

Tonight should be really exciting. One of them is going to get kicked off the show for the first time.