Monday, July 31, 2006

Our dinosaur-in-chief

It is very telling when Bush's lapdog for the Iraq War, Tony Blair, decides that Bush is doing little for the environment and takes matters into his own hands by partnering with the Terminator-as-governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, to reduce greenhouse gases.

As mentioned in this article, Blair and Schwarzenegger are working to create a trading market in carbon dioxide emissions. They are taking two important steps (as I see it). First, they are working to create a price for those emissions. This is progressive thinking that will likely be part of the future solution set for global warming. Second, this arrangement will work to create a reward for those industries that create new technologies that lower the amount of emissions.

Why I call Bush a dinosaur in the headline is that his thinking is old and tired. He has stated so many times that changing this pollution habit will cost five million jobs. However, groups such as the Apollo Alliance realize that many new jobs will be created. Bush's propaganda is horrible on this and shows his lack of imagination as well as his loyalties to some of his constituents who also embrace backward thinking on this critical moral issue.

I've realized quite a while ago that although Bush shows little leadership, there are many individuals, non-profits, and corporations who realize the need to adapt to this challenge. I've included a link to BP, because they have been working on investments in alternative energy. Another company I think is highly laudable in this regard is General Electric with their Ecomagination efforts.

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