Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Discussions of the USCF on Susan Polgar's blog

I read Susan Polgar's blog at least three or four times every week. It is a great blog with analysis of some of the latest GM games, some chess puzzles, and discussions of issues pertaining to chess.

In the last week, she has posted two articles that I think are important and critical. One asks what is important to the future of the USCF, while a second post is a discussion by FM Paul Truong regarding the relationship between the ICC and USCF. There are some good comments from the readers on these issues.

Regardless of the answer, I think it is necessary to approach these problems from both a strategic and customer-service viewpoint. That is, does a particular course of action make sense to what the USCF is trying to achieve, and does that action help improve the customer experience and relationship? To me, the answer to at least one of these questions needs to be "Yes," with the hope that the USCF concentrates on actions that can answer both questions positively.

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