Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Andrew Sullivan's Quote of the Day

Andrew Sullivan highlighted an article from the New York Times on Stewart Brand. I think Sullivan's comments and the original article are both worth a read. Brand is a lively creative thinker.

Pessimism is a powerful force, but optimism and creativity are important tools for our survival and evolution in our complex world. Even as scary as global warming can appear, most people I have talked with seem to have their heads on straight. They deal with the facts and do not seem to be pulled under by the fear of what could be. Rather, they have the motivation to create workable solutions to aid in our survival.

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TerraPraeta said...

Hi Joe --

I like optimism, but you may want to read Dave Pollard's article today.... some very real, and troubling, concerns that the 'optimists' are ignoring. If we (as a global community) were actual taking positive steps forward that would be one thing... but in fact, most of the 'actions' have been far less promising than they 'should' be.

Food for thought...