Monday, November 06, 2006

The Chess Castle's progress

Dan updated the Castle site yesterday.

I was able to play in Saturday's El Alamein Tornado. I don't normally play on Saturdays, but I wanted to help out with the move and the meeting after the event. (I did alright in the tournament, finishing 2-3. I lost to three players with 1816, 1941, and 1993 ratings, and won against two players with 1532 and 1145 ratings.)

The move went well, and we had a productive meeting afterwards about possible new locations for the club and to whom the new responsibilities will fall.

As Dan said, stay tuned for details.

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jefe said...

Move the Castle back to St Paul to its old location!! :-))

Joe Erjavec said...

Hey Jeff,

We'll see! We definitely need the feedback of the Twin Cities Metro chess community to figure out an ideal place to bring more people out!