Friday, April 03, 2009

Three good bands last night

I went to the Cabooze last evening to catch three bands: The Bill Mike Band, Greg Ginn and the Taylor Texas Corrugators, and Jambang. The first group is local, while the last two feature Greg Ginn, Steve LeLollis on drums, and Bobby Bancalari on mandolin.

Greg played bass in the first set, which was an improvised country music set.

For Jambang, he switched to guitar. As Steve explained to me between sets, Jambang uses a pre-recorded bass and synth track around which the three of them improvise.

Anyhow, these guys worked hard, played well, and have a bunch of dates ahead of them. Check them out!

Apr 3 @ Aquarium in Fargo, ND
Apr 4 @ Railyard Ale House & Casino in Billings, MT
Apr 5 @ Otherside in Missoula, MT
Apr 7 @ The Mix in Seattle, WA
Apr 8 @ Tonic Lounge in Portland, OR
Apr 9 @ Stillwater in Ashland, OR
Apr 11 @ The Inn Place Laytonville, CA
Apr 13 @ Red Fox Tavern in Eureka, CA
Apr 14 @ Bombay's in Redding, CA
Apr 15 @ Lost On Main in Chico, CA
Apr 16 @ Java Lounge in Sacramento, CA
Apr 17 @ Divided Sky in Meyers, CA
Apr 19 @ Hemlock Tavern in San Francisco, CA
Apr 20 @ Plea for Peace Center in Stockton, CA
Apr 22 @ Monterey Live in Monterey, CA
Apr 23 @ Fishlips in Bakersfield, CA
Apr 24 @ Fais Do Do in Los Angeles, CA
Apr 25 @ Blue Cafe HB in Huntington Beach, CA
Apr 26 @ Hensley's Flying Elephant in Carlsbad, CA
Apr 29 @ DiPiazza's in Long Beach, CA
Apr 30 @ Winston's in San Diego, CA


terrapraeta said...


Still rockin' the good live music, eh Joe? Good, good :-)


Joe Erjavec said...

I am going out for music as much as is reasonable for my busy life. (I might see a show every 4-6 weeks.) Live music helps to keep me going!