Friday, February 20, 2009

Round One: Shaking the Dust Off

The first round last Friday night was my first rated game in over a year. I have had slow time control games in chess league, but in chess league there is no expectation of playing six games in a weekend. Understanding and modifying your pace after the first game is helpful.

Chris N. and I played. He played Black and we played a French Advanced game. Due to an opening miscalculation, I won the d5 Pawn on move 13. But he had more active and better placed Bishops during the middle and endgame.

Anyways, I lost that game, but I found it helpful. I used too much time in the middlegame, which I think led to a stressful time in the endgame. I used that lesson to adjust my time for the rest of my games, which were much more relaxed as a result, at least time-wise.

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