Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The closing of the Warfield

I'm thankful for Irenie keeping up on all things Bob Weir related. She posted a news item Monday regarding the last nights of the Warfield Theater. Bob joined Phil Lesh for the last night of the five show run. Phil had a very unique way of closing this out. Check out the set lists!

I'm downloading these shows off of bt.etree to listen to later. I'm psyched to listen to these and even more excited to see Phil and Friends at 10,000 Lakes Festival this summer!


annie said...

some of my finest g.d. and j.g.b. band memories were created at the warfield theatre. pretty darn sad to see it go.

Joe Erjavec said...

I bet you are. Being a Midwest head, I did not get to the West coast very often. Sounds like a FANTASTIC place to see the Dead and Jerry!