Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Why are honeybees disappearing?

I just found out that this phenomena has been occurring over the last couple of months. I heard a story on Minnesota Public Radio last month, and I just read an item on Yahoo today considering the possible role of cell phones in their disappearance. It is puzzling scientists. As bees are an extremely important part of the ecosystem, I thought this was important to share.


Anonymous said...

Honeybees are not native to North America but were brought here by the Europeans. They are important to our agriculture because of massive acreages of moncultures such as alomond and apples that require pollination above and beyond what the native pollinators can handle but they are not part of our natural ecosystem.

Joe Erjavec said...


The fact that bees were being shipped to different locations to pollinate apples and almonds was discussed in the public radio story. However, I'm interested in the number of free roaming honeybees. I am not sure how their numbers have dwindled.